Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster.

Former Major League Baseball Catcher.

Motivational speaker and expert in leadership, teamwork, mental health, and overcoming adversity.

During his 14 year career as a pro-athlete, John played on five different teams and played alongside some of the biggest names in baseball.

John speaks from his firsthand experience from major league baseball and the broadcast booth on the following topics:


Empower your team, students or coworkers to build a strong, collaborative culture to drive success and growth.

Champion Mindset

Educate your team, students or coworkers on adopting a champion mindset to foster a culture of excellence and peak performance.

Overcoming Adversity

Equip your team, students or coworkers with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate challenges and achieve success in the face of adversity.

John's Speaking Themes


As a former MLB player, John has firsthand experience with the importance of teamwork in achieving success on the field. With his expertise in leadership and collaboration, he is able to deliver a professional and engaging presentation on the value of teamwork in any professional setting.

Mental Health in Sports

John understands the unique challenges that athletes face when it comes to mental health. With his expertise in sports psychology and firsthand experience with the pressures of professional athletics, he is able to deliver a compassionate and informative presentation on the importance of mental health in sports, and mental health in competitive settings more generally.

Champion Mindset

Drawing upon John's experiences as a professional athlete and analyst, he is able to share valuable insights on developing a champion mindset and achieving peak performance both on and off the field. With his expertise in motivational speaking and mental toughness, he can deliver a powerful and inspiring presentation that resonates with any audience.

Overcoming Adversity

John has faced challenges throughout his career, from injuries and setbacks to criticism and self-doubt. Drawing upon these experiences, he is able to deliver an inspiring and practical presentation on overcoming adversity, building resilience, and achieving success in the face of obstacles. He can provide valuable insights and strategies for anyone or team looking to overcome their own challenges and achieve their goals.

John's Testimonials

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"John is an outstanding communicator and speaker. His stories and message resonated with our students. He shared his personal challenges and achievements and students were extremely engaged throughout the visit. He was very kind to our students and faculty members who wanted to meet him. His visit improved building culture and improved our overall building-wide approach to student mental health. I am so thankful for John providing us with his time. He is excellent!"

Kyle R.

Principal, Red Hook High School

"John was entertaining, shared positive messages, and upheld professionalism."

Mike O.

President and CEO, Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation

"John “knocked it out of the park!” So to speak. Timely, personal, humorous."


Cameo User

"Thank You so much. You did an amazing job putting this together, making it feel personal and it was way beyond our expectations.  Loved it"


Cameo User

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